Pregnancy (pre and post natal) massage

The primary treatment goal with a pregnancy massage is to promote a healthy pregnancy. We achieve this by using relaxing techniques, incorporating education regarding proper positioning according to the trimester and providing a supportive environment. The objective is to decrease the pain and postural discomfort that comes along with pregnancy and any trigger points that may be referring pain. We focus on the swelling in the ankles and any muscle tension that may occur.Massage is performed with precaution in the first trimester due to the danger of miscarriage during that time, if you have a high risk pregnancy or any health concerns during these first three months, massage may not be for you until after this time.

In the second trimester, for example, when the baby sits high in the uterus and presses on the organs, massage around the diaphragm helps the mother relax and breath more freely. Light work around the hips and a gentle lifting of the baby can reduce pressure on the bladder.